Positive thoughts for today.

Sivery thoughts for today. Inviting thoughts from readers.
Lovely description – silver surfers, but the rest of what we hear is not so positive. Overloading of the health services; taking more out of the money pot on pensions even though we have paid in for 60 or more years, causing havoc on transport with our wheel chairs and mobility scooters in shopping centres. Now, we hear, it is us who are causing the problems in A and E units in hospitals!
The temptation is to rebel, react, to cause even more problems. But is this the way ahead?
I would like this site to offer a platform for positive thinking. A place to discuss sensibly the problems we ‘oldies’ have on an individual basis whilst at the same time expressing positive views about how we manage – I do not say cope – with getting older.
I do not want these conversations to be party political statements, but what I do want is real ideas and thinking about how we, as the fifth generation, manage our lives.
We, each of us, have a very varied past life: Crèches, Primary Schools, Infants Schools, Teenage Schools, Colleges or Apprenticeships, Universities, Unemployment, Work experience, Jobs, Redundancies, New careers, and finally retirement ……. or maybe part-time work, open university, consultancy contracts, charitable work or volunteer work.
Whatever we have done so far we have made a valuable contribution to the life of this country. So let us continue to do so and try to ignore those who see us merely as a burden, a group using up valuable resources. Even whilst watching television or reading newspapers and all the criticism therein it is up to us to ensure the remainder of our lives – however long they may be – can continue to be as profitable, joyful, and enjoyable as possible.
I continue my addiction to writing fiction and to painting and to coaching where I can those who are setting up new businesses. I do hope I will hear from others with positive ideas about getting older and how they manage the problems they encounter.

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