At the start of every year I, like many others, review the past 12 months and wonder what the next year will bring. Some of us might hope 2015 will be luckier, happier, less problematic. Others who have enjoyed the best year of their lives will hope their good fortune will continue.

As far as I am concerned 2014 was a mixture – some good things, some bad. Mostly the bad things were related to ill-health  and advancing years and as such were nothing I could change. – but the good things were those I made sure I snatched with both hands and did my best to hang on to either as a continuing blessing or as a memory . Most of the bad things I did not allow to remain even in my memory bank. To use computer speak I deleted them in the same way as I empty my trash bin. Gone for ever. No use pondering on why people respond to our suggestions in the way they do. No use castigating ourselves as to why people do not like us. Just be yourself, it really does not matter if people do not like you as long as you like and respect yourself.

Only ask yourself if there is a reason for their reactions. Is there anything we can do to change them. If we feel sure in ourselves that our stance is correct accept there is nothing we can do. Put the problem in the trash bin. Eliminate it from our memory bank. Leave space for the good things in life.

Many years ago I published an article entitled ‘Clean Out Your Attic.’ This advised readers to examine all the trash we keep in our attics – our brains, our memory bank. It is good to hang on to happy memories, those which make us feel good. Likewise it is important that we clear out those memories which bring with them unhappiness. Do we really need to think about those events which made us feel less than positive? Those imagined slights we suffered at the hands of others? Those conversations which left us feeling downtrodden or less positive.

Those memories I allow to remain are only the ones that I see as having  a silver lining. I have deleted all those irritations I experienced when my mobility scooter was blocked as I tried to negotiate my way along pavements where vehicles parked illegally.  I have deleted from memory thoughtless remarks people addressed to me and all the dreadful traffic holdups caused by the multitude of road works surrounding my home. I have stopped thinking about the hurts I suffered in the past; the people who let me down,

I have retained those memories of time spent with friends and family. Time spent in happy get-togethers, superb restaurant meals, holidays in UK and France. I think I have ‘Cleared out my attic’ and am feeling happier and healthier for it.

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