The past few weeks have been somewhat difficult for me – and my objectives. I have as I promised myself been more focussed, less lazy and have carried on reading self improvement texts but … this latter has been mostly during nights when I have been unable for one reason or another to sleep. Still good things have happened and mostly things connected to my life as an artist.

One morning I awoke to find a winter wonderland outside my window. Snow, not really very deep, covered buildings and paths with an almost imaculate cushion of white in which I gloried momentarily before recalling this was meant to be a day of artistic and gustational adventure.

Luckily by eleven o’clock, our time for departure, the gritted and salted roads had been rendered passable and the drive north with our good friend Angela at the wheel commenced. The only obstacles in our path were huge puddles of melted snow where the roads dipped and a mad driver who overtook us on the inside almost causing a collision. Needless to say we caught up with him in seconds at the next set of lights!

The fields and hedgerows away from the roads were still covered in snow and transformed into a winter wonderland. Bliss for any painter. My first visit to the Yorkshire Wolds for many years was a rewarding experience and one which continued through lunch and the following afternoon hours.

Our destination was The Wolds Village at Bainton near Driffield in Yorkshire (which whilst not being exactly a village but a cleverly transformed and rescued farm) is one of the most entrancing places I have visited in recent years. It is much more than the tourist attraction label it carries.

Imagine if you can the perfect setting for grandfather clocks, superb pub and restaurant meals; hotel accomodation, an art gallery and art trail, a crafts display including pottery and silver work; tea room and outdoor terrace; and with an antique shop into the bargain. The Wolds Village provides all of these and more.

I would recommend this gem of a location for anyone with the time to pay it a visit. It has a wonderfully detailed website. ( This has headings inviting you to Eat&Drink, Explore,Sleep Well. Browse, Hang Out and History. If you do visit the website it will be difficult not to follow up with a real time visit.


Whilst at Woldvillage I discovered a copy of the ERA (East Riding Artists) directory which lists artists, galleries and exhibitions in the region . A very useful tool for artists and tourists alike. Obtain a copy from

Next following a tip off from Ruth who is a contact at my Monday watercolour group I enjoyed yet another adventure. This time travelling in much the same direction as last week I visited the small village of Wilberfoss where members of The East Riding Painting Society meet each month. Their programme of events includes hands-on workshops headed up by visiting artists with both UK and International reputations and in every media imaginable. I am so looking forward to attending as many of these as possible. (contact the secretary on 017593013980

The session on Friday being the first of the year involved a brief period of administration, but the wait for the visiting speaker to start was well worth it.

Emma-Jane Whelan from the Art and Rose Gallery at Pocklington delivered a talk both enthralling as she covered her own journey from art college to establishing the gallery; and then later, extremely useful for the artists in her audience, she enlightened us as to some gallery tricks of the trade and what works of art are currently popular with buyers. As may be imagined the questions session at the end provoked a very interesting debate.

The two main messages I came away with were:

  1. Based on her own life experiences, to follow your heart and explore every option, do not miss the ‘sliding door’ opportunities which open in your journey.


  1. Paint to enjoy the experience of producing works of art based on subjects which you love.

I intend to visit her gallery very soon. New exhibitions commence every month and as well there is a rolling open exhibition including painting, jewellery, ceramics,glass,prints as well as many other surprises. The gallery supports whenever it can local artists and crafts people but does also exhibited world renowned arts. Contact details below.

{ or follow on Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter @ EmmaJaneWhelan1. There is an Online Shop.


More artistic news soon. Keep your eyes open to see a preview of the short story I am writing for MsLexia. The deadline approaches all too swiftly.

Any views on this blog will be welcomed.

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