The days, the weeks, the months are passing ever more speedily and it is evident that many of the projects I am trying to complete in order to meet self-imposed deadlines are turning into chores rather than the pleasures they once were. It was whilst I sipped my breakfast coffee this morning that I resolved that something must give. Decision time. Analysis time. I must re-evaluate how I spend my days and discover where I am going wrong.

It soon became obvious, as the analysis proceeded, that I had been taken over; something had ousted me as Managing Director of Mollie Kay Smith’s Life. It, for it certainly wasn’t a person, had sneakily eaten away the minutes and seconds of my days in such a way that weeks and even months had passed before I began to suss out what was going o

The computer. Within seconds of switching on and during the short time I waited for Explorer to open, I began to think maybe I had caught the culprit red handed.

Forty or so unasked for messages in my inbox seemed to confirm my suspicions. All to be ticked off and deleted. Another ten at least, welcome, but still all requiring me to read their contents and absorb the information they contained and send replies.

On most days there is a message from telling me they have found six or seven hints relating to people in my family tree. I have been cultivating this for many years and hints which may help me escape the blockages I have come across are important. Once climbing this tree I am lost – I forget objectives and divert away from the main stem to explore new tempting branches and sometimes even twigs.

Then of course I must check Facebook, Twitter, and a couple of other social websites I belong to, and also those business networks which I enjoy keeping up with.

A GOOD TWO HOURS TICKED AWAY BEFORE GETTING DOWN TO WHAT I SWITCHED ON FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE! To get on with writing a story or a chapter or an outline or anything else.

When, many years ago now, I worked long hours and was a whizz at Time Management I achieved so much in a day. Now retired, as I have been for nearly a quarter of a century, I seem to have lost the knack. But I have learned how to use my mobility scooter and how to take things easy. I even take a siesta every afternoon.

But what the hell, blow imaginary deadlines I’m really enjoying this unpressured way of life. And I’ll tell you a secret. I really do love my computer and enjoy the pleasures it gives me. I sit in my wheelchair and my computer takes me to far off places I could never visit. It allows me to go shopping; talk to friends living at a distance from me and – using Skype- we can actually see each other. I can sit and listen to music when I am wanting to relax and with the aid of DVDs can further develop my understanding of painting and see how other people achieve their results or read my Kindle books.

So I really never resent the fact that the computer, my computer, has achieved a take over of my life. Anyhow I really do still hold the greater power. I can switch it off whenever I feel like it!

At the moment it can’t do that to me. But what of future computer models? Mmmm.I wonder.

But for the time being just enjoy life as it comes.

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