A collection of 15 short stories by Mollie Kay Smith

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New year, New resolutions, New Blogs and (I wish) a New me.
Enough to say I am the me which has been perching on this branch for almost 87 years and obviously my old body is showing signs of wear and tear. Still I am not quite ready to fall off just yet.
Recently I have been spending time deciding on my objectives for 2019 and designing a work plan on how to achieve them.
My web address is http:www.notinmybx.
And which illustrates my mood.
Looking back I confirm my life has been long and varied – and mostly enjoyable. I have faced many challenges, emerging as victor on most, but there has been one dramatic downer which I am still fighting.
Twenty years ago I was diagnosis suffering from Takayashu, a rare degenerating problem affecting the arteries
Now this has me registered as disabled with the inside of my house redesigned to accommodate all the wonderful gadgets which help to keep me mobile and my spirits up.
Still as we move into a new year I am determined this blog will reflect both my long and varied experience as well as my joy of life and optimism – though this does not mean I will shy away from topics which scream to be addressed.
Throughout my life I have been recognised as someone who challengers inequality. I am not merely a feminist, I am an egalatarian.
So let’s start with a bit of good news. My  fiction book, ‘ A Bridge to Dreams’ is now launched on Amazon Kindle in ebook format and it will shortly be published in paperback. It is a collection of 15 short stories about people and how they react to their environment and background. As it says on it’s cover, some of these people are good, some not so good, some bad and some downright wicked.
If you download the book I would be really pleased to hear what you think of it.
My next work in progress is an auto biography. Watch out for it – part one will be available in
early April.

Contact : Email. beverleynow@gmail.com